Storm Warning

“I’m gonna wish I had a storm warning, I’m gonna wish I had a sign.  I’m gonna wish I had a little heads up, little lee-way, little more time.  Some kind of radar system locked in on love.  I have a feeling by the time the night finds the morning, I’m gonna wish I had a storm warning.”  (Storm Warning – Hunter Hayes)


Right now, I am sitting on a couch in my apartment in Nashville (technically Brentwood), Tennessee.  Is this real life?

That is something I keep having to ask myself, and I know I’m not the only one here feeling this way right now.  It’s not even the kind of unreal where it’s unreal because you are on cloud 9 from excitement and all jazzed up.  It just actually does not feel real.  It doesn’t seem like I am working every day in a building with over a million dollars in musical equipment that I have 24 access to.  It doesn’t feel like I will be living for quite a while in this apartment with these guys I don’t even know.  It doesn’t feel like I have to face one of my biggest fears and get graded on writing songs every week, performing a live show every week, going on a tour.  I don’t know that I am quite ready to except being in a place where I am judged on my talent… and that’s about it.


The first day I was probably just in a daze most of the day.  I got no sleep the night before at all, since I had to leave for the airport at two in the morning.  I managed my way through the Denver airport to my connecting flight, which was delayed about 30 minutes.  I got to Nashville, my luggage did not.  So that was exciting.  I found the guy picking me up from the airport and made it safely to the CMC, where I got all checked in and everyone seemed real friendly.  I was the second to last one from my apartment to get here, so all the rooms had someone in them already.  But that was fine.  My roommate’s name is Josh.  He’s a cool guy.  It was a little weird because there was a couple hours before our first event, but I didn’t have anything to unpack because my luggage wasn’t here.  But it was cool because the guys got to talking a little, and we went around to other students rooms and met everyone, and it was good.

Things went well that night.  We got to see the Artist Track professor perform for us, and then an alum and his band also came and put on a show.  It was cool to see what we are working with, and watch a show in the venue that is in our building.

Sunday was just another day of orienting (if that is even a word).  Our director did church for us in the morning, and they provided all three meals for us (which was awesome).  It poured down rain maybe harder than I have ever seen, and there was some thunder, which was awesome.  I love thunderstorms.  We had a pool party anyway.  Luckily there was a break in the rain during our scheduled pool time, so we went for it.


At this point, reality is setting in (well, it’s been a stressor long before now, but now it’s intensified).  Things really start tomorrow.  Classes aren’t scheduled as they normally will be because we are going around to different studios and talking to different people around Nashville, but things are actually starting.  The way this semester is going to go is being hammered in by the fact that I have to perform tomorrow night.  Two songs.  The first night or school.  You could say I’m freaking out a bit.  Luckily, they are letting us do covers (which is fantastic, because I would have had to write two songs otherwise).  But it’s just crazy.  Not to mention, I may be the only person here who doesn’t play any other instrument, so I had to find someone else to play for me.

It seems like most of us here feel like we have no idea what is going to happen this semester.  There has been little to no information given to us about how things happen, so we are all just in the dark.  That’s where the inspiration for the song of this post came from.  I wish I would have had a warning, or sign, or an e-mail or something.  Just a heads up, you’ll be performing in front of all the students on your first day of the semester.  Sweet.


So that’s where I’m at, basically.  A very tired voice from practicing a lot today without warming up or having sung in a while, and freaking out because I have to perform in front of everyone tomorrow.

Also, even though it has been raining, it is hot.  It’s so muggy.  But I have survived, it is just startling when you see it’s raining, so I expect it to be cold when I walk out the door, but then it’s quite the opposite.  Gonna have to get used to that one.


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  1. Logan,
    It’s good to hear a bit about what you are doing. It sounds like the demands of the program are pretty intense! Not sure I would be super excited about having to write songs either. You can do it, though! 🙂 We sure do miss you at Fox, but I’m super excited for you! Keep it up with the posts! 🙂

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